Our story

Fashion is not about wearing good clothes. It is something beyond the color or the material of what you’re wearing. Fashion depicts your entire identity. When you are walking on a road surrounded by strangers, your clothes will tell where you belong. It is the representation of your personality. Hence, people nowadays are so concerned about what they are wearing, from where they are going to buy the clothes, how much they are going to spend, so on and so forth.

A French icon once said,

“The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.”

Our journey began with the sole purpose of providing comfort to the people. We wanted the people to feel the calming touch of premium fabric at the most affordable price. With this mindful thought, two young dreamers came together and founded NAK.

Nadeem, the creative soul of NAK fashion came out with this simple yet momentous idea of starting a business with a small quantity of double-pack white t-shirt. KITARO had full faith in his exceptional idea which pushed him to pursue his dream and found NAK fashion. Nadeem and KITARO’s journey began in 1996 with a handful number of products. The only purpose was to provide quality products to the consumers. The rest is history. NAK has been able to receive several certificates in the past 25 years. Our products have been testified by the International Oeko-Tex Association which proves that there are no harmful substances in our products.

Over the past few decades, Bangladesh has proven its competency in the textile industry. NAK fashion has been thriving in this path and is ready to commit to the consumers within and outside the country.